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TMETA_KEYSMITH is an immersive experience that discusses filling out a dry area between current metaverse applications and reality when entering the metaverse.

A subregion of the metaverse, which is based on VR technology, brings a brand-new type of spatial experience. A significant difference between cyberspace and reality inevitably creates a transition space. Metaverse applications make efforts to differentiate the environment, yet, rarely have people pay attention to mend the gap between the distinguishment.

The META_KEYSMITH looks into reforming the typical login process. Using the architectural mind turns typing into puzzle-solving activity and delivers a new possible environment and ritual of entering the metaverse.

You can't just materialize anywhere in the Metaverse, like Captain Kirk beaming down from on high. This would be confusing and irritating to the people around you. It would break the metaphor. Materializing out of nowhere (or vanishing back into Reality) is considered to be a private function best done in the confines of your own House. Most avatars nowadays are anatomically correct, and naked as a babe when they are first created, so in any case, you have to make yourself decent before you emerge onto the Street. Unless you're something intrinsically indecent and you don't care.
- Neal Stephenson Snow Crash 1993

The META_KEYSMITH won 2024 Muse Design Awards Silver Winner, Interior Design - Metaverse and IDA 2023 Bronze.