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GEOMETRY ZOO O'farrell Street Heterogeneous Bath-house  

The Project is focusing on developing architecturegeometry generation. Locating on O'farrell Street, San Fransisco, the design program is an urban bathhouse, combining with hotel, gym, and amenities. The topic of this course is discussing the relationship between daily objects and the mass of the building. We started from curating bathrooms, objects profiles. From studying and testing geometry generation, six rooms were generated inside the shell. Because girds regulate profiles, the building is using the same technique to control the mass. These rooms are self-governing, so we can recognize each room as an insulated individual, which is acting as a human body. Rooms are also reacting with grids inside the shell. Each room is fully autonomous. Therefore, the exterior becomes a separate shell of the building. Each room also has its characteristics based on the profile and the program.


Design Studio

Matthew Au