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"Crevice" is a conceptual art museum design in Weihai Shandong, China, with around 7,000 sq meters floor area and two floors on various levels. It targets the public, including locals, travelers, and artists around the world. It celebrates traditional northern Chinese culture and rural artistic expression. The concept of "Crevice" metaphorically represents the local winding landscape scene of mountains beyond mountains where the project is located. The serendipity is brought by the essence of the waterway and stepping building levels along with topographic changes that are traveling through the building are not only the framework of the program and circulation but also a tool to create new perspectives, a dialogue between visitors and space, and guidance to the ascetic, time-suspended culture of inner peace. The design integrates into the local landscape while appearing as a natural extension of the earth. It's also a contemporary reflection of the long and profound influence of ancient history and spirit. The crevice is where light can be cast through hard rocks, as this project is a place deeply rooted in tradition and nurturing something new.

The Form / Crevice was inspired by the "Mashi Hill" and the local winding landscape scene where the giant triangle shadows cast from mountains beyond mountains.

The Texture / Terrace is a symbol of both the pagoda roof and winding cultivated land. The long and profound influence of agriculture deeply rooted in the local landscape(terrace) is reflected and blended in the contemporary pattern of the roof. The ancient spirit about soil is conveyed and interpreted here and will be carried on through generations.
The Space / Forest emphasizes the interaction between nature and the museum gallery. Its meticulously sculpted space creates pockets of courtyard, integrated context with natural topography, visual connections to nature, and a platform for local culture and artistic expression.

The Circulation / Waterway metaphorically and literally represents the forever changing, involving, and transforming the essence of the waterway in project. It's the dialogue between visitors and authors, providing unplanned discoveries and flowing scenic changes, projecting the visitor into the ascetic, time-suspended culture of inner peace.

The Crevice won Young Architects Competition “Art Museum” Golden Mentioned, Muse Design Awards 2024 Gold Winner Architectural Design - Conceptual category and London Design Awards 2024 Silver Winner Architectural Design Category.